Mandarin Academy is about Mandarin.

Why choose Mandarin Academy for your K-5 child?

We believe that being bilingual is one of our biggest gifts we can give to our children. China will be one of the dominant economic powers of this century and our group of parents founded Mandarin Academy because we wanted our children to understand Mandarin Chinese as well as English. Children are immersed in English in daily life—at the store, in afterschool activities, and in our neighborhood--so to learn Mandarin it’s important that they spend many hours per school day immersed in the language.

Our goal is that kindergartners and first graders will spend about 80% of their school day interacting in Mandarin Chinese. Most of our students have had no previous exposure to Mandarin Chinese (and they’re not getting any help at home), but it’s remarkable what the immersion can do.

As kindergartners, our students have learned about the solar system and planets, all in Chinese. Our first graders have learned two-digit addition in Chinese, while they can also read and solve word problems. Most remarkably, they are reading stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk in Chinese. While most first graders struggle to read those stories in their first language, our students are doing it in a second language. This is all due to the talents and skills of our exceptional teachers.

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Meet Our Faculty & Staff

Our gifted teachers develop creative lesson plans that make learning fun:

The children learn about the life-cycle of insects by raising silkworms. Our first graders learn about tens and ones by practicing with an abacus, which not only makes the mathematical principles visual...

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K-5 Summer Camps

Our summer camp program is a play-based learning program designed for children with little or no previous background in Mandarin. Children will develop elementary skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin. Each week offers thematic topic taught through Mandarin Chinese immersion, art projects dramatic play, hands-on life skills, and fun activities. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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